Mon. May 27th, 2024

The number one question athletes ask me on social media is “do you have a list of combined events meetings?”

The dates of the championships are well known, as are the the big meetings in Goetzis, Talence etc But those meetings only allow for a few dozen athletes to compete. It can be challenging for athletes to find international competitions outwith those meetings, either when planning their season, or to reschedule plans at short notice.

Both World Athletics and European Athletics have helpful lists of competitions, but it can be tricky to extract the combined events meetings quickly. So I have decided to start building a comprehensive list of combined events meetings here on the Decathletes of Europe website. You can find it here: bookmark it to your favourites.

The list currently focuses on the European World Athletics Combined Events Challenge and Tour meetings and the big championships, but already there are additional meetings included such as the Portarathlon in Naxos, and the Inter Europol meeting in Poland. Week by week this list will be built to include meetings in the US, Australia and beyond, and national championships.

Together with the forthcoming weekly rankings analysis, this will provide combined event athletes with the tools to plan their seasons and qualification via the rankings system more effectively. I hope you find it useful.