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For the IAAF/World Athletics

  • 2019 Hypomeeting Götzis Preview
  • 2019 Hypomeeting Götzis Day 1 Report
  • 2019 Hypomeeting Götzis Day 2 Report
  • 2019 Mehrkampf Meeting Ratingen Preview
  • 2019 Mehrkampf Meeting Ratingen Day 1 Report
  • 2019 Mehrkampf Meeting Ratingen Day 2 Report
  • 2019 Niklas Kaul feature: “Once you do decathlon, you don’t want to do anything else”
  • 2019 Janek Õiglane feature: Achieving things the hard way
  • 2020 Garrett Scantling feature: Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
  • 2020 Vanessa Chefer feature: Brazil’s first girl on the first day
  • 2020 Adam Sebastian Helcelet feature: International Man of History
  • 2021 Anouk Vetter feature: Little goals, big results


For European Athletics (website currently being upgraded)

  • 2020 Kate O’Connor feature “Being world class in every event is one of my goals”
  • 2020 Daley Thompson and Jürgen Hingsen feature: The Kings of Athletics

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