Fri. Jul 19th, 2024
decathlon and heptathlon rankings

APRIL 2023

The paragraph headings below refer to when the rankings were updated, not the dates of the competitions.

4 April: Jose Fernando Ferreira Santana rises from 77th to 63rd following the Copa Brasil, Australia’s Christian Paynter pops into the top 100 after the Australian Champs, while Fredrich Pretorius moves from 94th to 69 after winning the South African Champs.

Jadin O’Brien crashes into the rankings in 30th place after the Texas Relays, while Tori West also climbs from 89th to 47th as she continued her comeback at the Australian champs.

11 April: The Jim Click meet in Arizona propels Bailey Golden into the top 100 in the heptathlon, and Germany’s Till Steinforth from 66th to 44th.

18 April: Mt SAC is the standout meet of the early season – catapulting Health Baldwin from 79 to 36, Kendrick Thompson from 86 to 58 and Yariel Soto from 74 to 50. Ken Mullings moved from 56 to 44, and Austin West from 46 to 37. However, there is as yet no ranking for the winner Harrison Williams, as he doesn’t have a second score to contribute to his ranking.

Allie Jones announced herself as a contender for selection for major championships as she climbed from 38 to 28, Ida Eikeng continued the Norwegian multis wave in moving from 42 to 31, Beatrice Juskeviciute jumped from 70 to 38, and Hope Bender re-entered the rankings at 39.

25 April: Kristin O’Handley moves from 89 to 70 at the Virginia Challenge.