Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
decathlon and heptathlon rankings

The update to the decathlon and heptathlon rankings on 8 August 2023 were influenced mostly by the FISU World University Games in Chengdu, and the British championships (held as part of the English championships).

The update below reminds us of the placing points for these competitions, summarises who entered the rankings (from being unranked, or from being outwith the top 100) and who dropped out the rankings (to unranked or ouwith top 100), and works through the results of the relevant competitions and how they affected the rankings.

You can read a full explanation of the rankings, and find previous weeks’ analysis here.


The World University Games and National championship are Category B for rankings purposes. That provides 60 placing points for 1st place, 50 for 2nd, 45 for 3rd, 40 for 4th, 35 for 5th and points down to 8th place.


Lewis Church (back into top 100)




Vilem Strasky of Czech Republic won the decathlon at the University Games, and his 7925 score together with 60 placing points elevated him from 72nd to 53rd in rankings. Isabel Posch of Austria won the heptathlon in 6107 and that took her from 92nd to 49th place. Lydia Boll of Switzerland was second in 5923 and moved from 66th to 58th, Celia Perron of France was fifth and her 5862 moved her from 77th to 72nd, and Chiara-Belinda Schuler of Austria was sixth and 5788 moved her from 82nd to 80th.

At the British championships, Lewis Church won with 7660 and Harry Kendall was second with 7616. That moved Lewis back into the top 100 in 83rd place, and Harry from 76th to 74th place.