Mon. May 27th, 2024
decathlon and heptathlon rankings

The update to the world rankings on 5 September 2023 captured the changes arising from the German championships, and belatedly the results of the European U20 championships in Jerusalem earlier in August.

The EU20s results are only relevant for heptathlon, since the rankings do not permit results logged with U20 implements, as is the case in U20 decathlon. This means that U20 heptathletes can slowly build up their ranking for major championships qualification, while U20 decathletes who are likely to be immediately competitive at the senior event need to squeeze in two eligible competitions in their debut senior season.

You can find an explanation of the rankings system here.


National championships are Category B for rankings purposes. That provides 60 placing points for first place, 50 for second place, 45 for third place, and points down to eighth place.

The European U20 championships are Category D for rankings purposes. That provides 30 placing points for first place, 22 for second place, 18 for third place, and points down to eighth place.


Pia Messing (inside top 100)




On 18 July, Marcel Meyer climbed from 65th place to 50th place with his debut 8000 score at the European U23s in Espoo. On 30 July he tumbled back down to 70th place as his 6000+ score to win the German indoor title in early 2022 expired. But this weekend he zoomed up to 38th place after extending his PB further, by almost 100 points, with 8190 to win the German outdoor championships.


In the heptathlon at the German championships, Mareike Roesing edged closer to 6000 with her victory in 5936. That took her from 82nd to 57th place.

The results of the European U20 championships finally hit the rankings, and that meant improvements for the German athletes who finished in gold and silver positions in Jerusalem, Sandrina Sprengel and Pia Messing respectively. Sprengel moved from 75th to 70th and Messing entered the top 100 in 92nd.

The only other movement in the rankings was from Paulina Ligarska of Poland, who dropped after her DNF at the World Championships, but dropped further again to 33rd place after her 4593 from the 2022 indoor season expired.