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decathlon and heptathlon rankings

The update to the world rankings for decathlon and heptathlon on 19 September 2023 flowed from the expiry of marks in mid-March 2022, and specifically the World Indoor championships in Belgrade.

Scores can only be included for rankings purposes if they occur within the previous 18-month period (other than certain circumstances for area championships).

You can find an explanation of the rankings system here.


These are the placing points for the competitions featured in this week’s update.

 World IndoorsEuro OutdoorsGötzisTalenceEuro IndoorsWieslaw CzapiewskiOutdoor Nationals


Qihao Sun: outside top 100 to 99th

Alex Spyridonidis: outside top 100 to 100th




Simon Ehammer: 9th to 12th

Steven Bastien: 32nd to 39th

Holly Mills: 14th to 25th

Dorota Skřivanová: 23rd to 39th


Ash Moloney: 21st to unranked

Hans-Christian Hausenberg: 43rd to outside top 100


While Damian Warner’s overall ranking score reduced, from 1438 to 1430, he remained in second place in the decathlon rankings overall. His score of 6489 from the World Indoors in Belgrade was replaced by his 8797 from Götzis in 2022.

Simon Ehammer dropped from 9th place to 12th place. His score of 6363 from the World Indoors in Belgrade was replaced by his 8468 from the European Championships in Munich. Ehammer’s most “valuable” score is now his 8354 from Ratingen in 2022. His win in Ratingen gave him 110 placing points, while his silver medal in Munich only gave him 90, despite scoring over 100 points more in Munich than he did in Ratingen.

Like Warner, Jorge Urena’s score reduced, from 1230 to 1227, but he remained in 20th place. His score of 6049 from the World Indoors was replaced by his 6173 from the Spanish nationals in 2023. The 6049 had been considered a superior score because it was achieved at Worlds, with 60 placing points compared to the 30 from indoor nationals.

Steven Bastien dropped from 32nd to 39th. His score of 6074 from the World Indoors in Belgrade was replaced by his 8005 from Talence in 2022, where he finished fifth.

Ash Moloney’s score of 6344 from the World Indoors in Belgrade expired, leaving him with only one eligible score within the 18-month period for rankings, 8060 from the Queensland Champs in December 2022. He is now unranked, and if he wishes to qualify for the Olympics he will either need an outright qualifying score, or a second score of sufficient quality to enable him to qualify via the decathlon rankings.

Hans-Christian Hausenberg’s score of 6191 from the World Indoors in Belgrade expired, and while he has enough eligible scores to remain in the rankings system, they position him outwith the top 100.

Moloney’s and Hausenberg’s exit allowed Qihao Sun of China and Alex Spyridonidis to move back into the top 100 of the decathlon rankings.


As for Warner, while Noor Vidts’ overall ranking score reduced, from 1346 to 1292, she remained in fifth place in the heptathlon rankings overall. Her 4929 from the World Indoors in Belgrade was replaced by her 4823 from the European Indoors in Istanbul.

Similarly, Adrianna Sulek’s score dropped from 1295 to 1292, but she remained in sixth place overall. Her 4851 from the World Indoors in Belgrade expired and was replaced by her 5014 from the European Indoors. Despite the latter exceeding the world record at the time, it was less valuable to her than the lower score in Belgrade because of the placing points – 120 for silver in Belgrade, but only 70 for silver in Istanbul.

Holly Mills dropped from 14th to 25th. Her score of 4673 from the World Indoors in Belgrade was replaced by her 6095 from the Commonwealth Games.

Claudia Conte moved up one place from 22nd to 21st due to Mills dropping to 25th. However, Conte’s score actually reduced, from 1176 to 1174, as her score of 4499 from the World Indoors expired. It was replaced by her 6177 from the 2022 Spanish championships. Although a little higher than her most “valuable” score, 6174 from Arona in 2022, her win at nationals only gave her 60 placing points while her 2nd place in Arona gave her 70.

Dorota Skřivanová dropped from 23rd to 39th. Her score of 4566 from the World Indoors expired and was replaced by her 5926 from the Wieslaw Czapiewski Memorial in Bydgoszcz in 2022.