Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

The Decathletes of Europe Decathlon 2022 Calendar is here!

Check out the 2021 Decathlon, 2020 Decathlon, 2020 Heptathlon and 2019 Decathlon editions.

Thank you to all the photographers who provided permission to use their artwork:

  • Marta Gorczyńska (Paweł Wiesiołek)
  • Bjorn Parée (Damian Warner, European U23 field, Sven Roosen)
  • Ulf Schiller, (Fredrik Samuelsson, Niels Pittomvils, Finley Gaio
  • Casey Sims (Ash Moloney)
  • Michel Fisquet, Team Photo (Austra Skujyte, Pierce LePage, Thomas Van der Plaetsen, Romain Martin)

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