Mon. May 27th, 2024

I spoke to Tim on Sunday 3 March a few minutes after he won the silver medal in the heptathlon.

Congratulations, you must be absolutely delighted. Yeah, I’m over the moon about it!

Talk us through how today felt. Yesterday you had a good day, but today had some ups and downs. The first two events were definitely ups and downs – I had a good start in the hurdles and then it was called back, and then not so good of a start, and then a bad warmup on vault. And that led to an interesting day in vault to say the least! And then it was getting my mind round the 1000 – I’m tired of being the guy that fades in it, so that was the motivation for me and my coach. We had a long talk beforehand, that’s the main thing, I wanted to stop being the guy that always fades, and that was a big step towards it for me.

“I wanted to stop being the guy that always fades”

Tim Duckworth

One of the things I took from your performance was your composure. After that hellish warm up, Jiri and Janek had horrible injuries, you had a couple of second attempts, but you made sure you got marks in. That’s a really mature performance. I was a little bit down about myself after the pole vault, but since we had a long time, I went back to the hotel, had a nap, tried to get it out of my head and then on the bus ride over think about what I needed to do.

I think the Decathletes of Europe Calendar has just gone up in value with that silver medal. Thank you! I really like it. It’s a very cool calendar.

You got a great reception from the Scottish crowd. Have you enjoyed Scotland? Yeah, I have I mean they’ve been behind me with everything and it really helped with that 1000. I hit 100 to go and I was like, woooahh! And then I had sight of where I needed to stay and down the home stretch it really helped.

Photo: James Rhodes